Can Rabbits and Cats Live Together?

Can Rabbits and Cats Live Together?

Cats and Rabbits can certainly live together but it will take some work with lots of care and attention. You’ll need to introduce them to each other slowly on neutral ground with lots of super vision. When introducing them it would be wise to wear gloves because cat scratches and bunny bits can really hurt if you accidentially get caught in the middle.

When you introduce them make sure there is no aggression, this may happen straight away or take some time. If either animal starts acting aggressive, give them a time out and try again later. Make sure they get to meet each other and stop any fights. Keep doing this until they can be around each other without fighting but always keep an eye on them in case something happens. Eventually they’ll become the best of friends or ignore each other meaning they can live together.


  1. Yes felines and logomorphs can be the BEST of friends. Please ses my pets:

    Hope this is a living proof. ^_^

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